Sisterlocks Maintenance

My journey into Sisterlocks from a certified consultants perspective. It's a moisture enriched shampoo with a novel ultra-hydrating system that nourishes the scalp and invigorates uninteresting-trying hair. You will have to use the Sisterlock shampoo for 2 weeks to see in case your hair is ready for sisterlocs. The Greg Juice is wonderful for pure hair as is all the other products.

Your locks nicely swell to one hundred% of their present measurement, so naturally they're small. This is not me testimony nevertheless, My sisterlocks love moisture (anything involving water) and devour oils. Considered one of my favorite products to use after washing my Sisterlocks is the Turbie Twist It's a super absorbent gentle hair towel that absorbs extra water.

I plan to scrub with Sure to Carrots natural shampoo and conditioner. Sisterlocks are dearer that traditional locs to maintain, however are less expensive to take care of than than weaves and their equivalents, and perms. Women involved about the 'acceptability' of locs of their more conservative office may be extra confortable with sisterlocks.

So I opt for moisturizing & softer locks. Locks aren't perms or weaves or wigs that look "good" out of the chair. And the prices - less than $5. I like to present Sisterlocks as presents to my new Sisterlocks clients. Sisterlocks take a longer time to put in than traditional locs.

It was simply a tremendous time of solar, enjoyable, meals, discovery, sisterhood and Sisterlocks. The within matches the skin, not to mention those slammin' Sisterlocks. The smaller size allows sisterlocks to hold curls and waves longer that conventional locs.

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